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A key appropriable difference between our distributed payments system and the traditional systems of the central processing is that ‘a request for payment’ is sent to paying in our system. This request for payment goes to application Billon which user/paying has on his/her phone, laptop, PC or tablet – this request initiates a process of a transfer of the digital money from your device directly to you. You must send ‘an order of the request for payment’, which specifies, for example, the amount and the username, to ‘our payment gateway’, which is a server Corporate Node.

Your Web page must send an order of the request for payment to ‘your Corporate Node’. A critical moment is appearing of a pop-up on paying’s phone or PC with Request for payment ‘of this amount or that amount, for this or for that, to this person or that person’ (in other words to you). If the user accept this, the mere payment (the monetary value transfer) time will be several minutes at most. It remains to wait on the side of your Web service (in a thread dedicated to the service of this user) for the success of the transaction.

The payment transactions are standalone, which means that either money transfers or not. An authorization, the legal transfer of property and clearing are one integral real-time event so there is no risk of so-called ‘charge-backs’ in our system.