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Operation giveMoneyRequest request payment from shop to client (ie. in case of refund or paycheck).

Request parameters:

parameter type description
uniqueTransferId string transfer id
type string type of payment (GIVE_MONEY – normal transfer, MONEY_COLLECT – paycheck)
peerLocation billonUserLocation user peer localization (if not provided, application will look for user in network)
amount billonAmount transferred amount
seriesId string id of main task
username string name of user – receiver of money transfer
shortDescription string short description of transfer
description string a description of purchase in JSON structure (details in PurchaseDescription). If the description is empty, the app 24/7 will supplement data of the seller and the user automatically (provided that data is knowable).


Response parameters:

name type description
taskId string id of created task
requestStatus string result of request
requestStatusDescription string status description


Possible errors:

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error description
ERR_INVALID_USERNAME invalid username
ERR_INVALID_TRANSFER_ID invalid transfer id
ERR_INVALID_PAYMENT_TYPE invalid payment type
ERR_INVALID_SERIES_ID invalid payment id
ERR_INVALID_AMOUNT invalid amount
ERR_INVALID_PEER_LOCATION invalid peer location
ERR_INVALID_USERNAME invalid username