Operation giveMoneyRequest request payment from shop to client (ie. in case of refund or paycheck).

Request parameters:

parameter type description
uniqueTransferId string transfer id
type string type of payment (GIVE_MONEY – normal transfer, MONEY_COLLECT – paycheck)
peerLocation billonUserLocation user peer localization (if not provided, application will look for user in network)
amount billonAmount transferred amount
seriesId string id of main task
username string name of user – receiver of money transfer
shortDescription string short description of transfer
description string a description of purchase in JSON structure (details in PurchaseDescription). If the description is empty, the CNode will supplement data of the seller and the user automatically (provided that data is knowable).


Response parameters:

name type description
taskId string id of created task
requestStatus string result of request
requestStatusDescription string status description


Possible errors:

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error description
ERR_INVALID_USERNAME invalid username
ERR_INVALID_TRANSFER_ID invalid transfer id
ERR_INVALID_PAYMENT_TYPE invalid payment type
ERR_INVALID_SERIES_ID invalid payment id
ERR_INVALID_AMOUNT invalid amount
ERR_INVALID_PEER_LOCATION invalid peer location
ERR_INVALID_USERNAME invalid username