Operation startSeriesPayment begins series payment.

Request parameters:

parameter type description
requestData paymentRequestData payment request data
peerLocation billonUserLocation localization of user in network, used to localize him faster
type string type of series (MONEY_COLLECT_SERIES – money payout from the Corporate Node)
seriesData paymentSeriesData series payment data


Response parameters:

name type description
taskId string id of created task
requestStatus string result of request
requestStatusDescription string status description


Possible errors:

error description
ERR_NO_REQUEST_DATA no request data
ERR_INVALID_USERNAME invalid username
ERR_INVALID_TRANSFER_ID invalid transfer id
ERR_INVALID_DELIVERY_OPTION invalid delivery option
ERR_INVALID_INVOICE_OPTION invalid invoice option
ERR_INVALID_PEER_LOCATION invalid peer location
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