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One-time codes

The Billon pin-on-demand system enables the purchase of digital cash in a point of purchase. Billon users can buy one-time codes in a Payment Services Point and use it to fill up his Billon application. This documentation describes the whole integration process and provides specifications for all Billon API HTTP requests.



Billon user: A person with the Billon application installed, wishing to buy digital cash in a point of purchase.

PC application: Application in a Payment Services Point used for handling all transactions. The application is connected to the Billon API. The PC application stores logins and passwords of cashiers and authenticates them.

Clearing System: (of a Payment Institution or of a Payment Services Point) – A system used for settling and sending out transfers for cash received in a given day

Billon bank account: Bank account, to which transfers are sent by the clearing system.

Portal Billon: A Billon web application used, among other functions, to convert one-time codes to digital cash.

API Billon: a REST API service, with which the PC application communicates in order to buy one-time codes, register cashiers and send reports.


Integration structure

The whole process of integration with Billon API consists of three main parts:

  1. Requesting one-time codes (‘pinondemand’ request)
  2. Sending reports (‘report’ request)
  3. Cashier management (‘createCashier’, ‘deleteCashier’, ‘resetPassword’ requests)

Each HTTP request has its specification in this documentation.

pinondemand and cashier management requests are secured by a data hash. The method for creating the security hash is described on ‘Security’ page. Contact with us if you want to sell the one-time codes.


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