1. Billon’s user give a one-time code w punkcie doładowań
  2. PC app sends query to Billon API about checking status of the one-time code (query checkCode)
  3. Billon API returns status of the one-time code


HTTP request must be sent method POST to


Query checkCode – query about status of the one-time code

Parametr Typ danych Opis
Timestamp String GMT time in YYYYMMDDhhmmss format – eg. 20171031104530. API will return error 13 in the event that given Timestamp has already be used.
Sale_Point_ID String ID of given punktu doładowań
Cashier_Login String Given cashier’s login
Code String One-time code given by the user
Hash String See Security page for a description of a method that calculates this value




Parametr Typ danych Description
Code String Podany wcześniej one-time code
Status String Possible statuses: “READY”, “LOCKED”, “INVALID”
Amount String Value of given one-time code. Format: 10.00
Currency String Three-letter currency code consistent with norm ISO 4217 Currency Codes (for example PLN)
Unique_Response_ID String Unique serial number of the response
ERR_Code String Error code (the parameter is blank in the event of success)
ERR_Description String Description of code error (parameter is blank in the event of success)
Hash String See ‘Security’ article for a description of method that verifies correctness of the value.
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