1. Every day, the PC application automatically generates a transfer to the bank account given by Billon. The amount of the transfer equals to the sum of all transactions on a given day.
  2. The title of the transfer is the ID of the Payment Services Point.
  3. Every day, the PC application sends a .csv file with a list of all transaction from a given day to Billon API
  4. Billon API confirms that it received a correct report


The HTTP request should be sent via the POST method, with the parameter ‘report’ to the following address:

The .csv file should be in the format of a string, encoded using the base64 protocol.


Request: daily report. Fields in the .csv file:

Field name Data type Description
Transaction ID String Unique ID given by the PC application
ID of Payment Services Point String ID of the point that requested the code
Data and hour of the operaton Datetime Date and hour of the operation
Amount of the operation String Amount of the operation
Serial number String Serial_no of the one-time code
Transfer title String Should be equal to ID of Payment Services Point



Response: confirmation

Parameter Data type Description
Status String ‘OK’ in case of success or ‘ERROR’ in case of failure
ERR_Code Integer Error code
ERR_Description String Description of the error code
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