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  1. A password reset request is sent by a sale point (request resetPassword)
  2. API Billon returns a request status (‘OK’ or ‘ERROR’)
  3. API Billon send the new password to the cashier via SMS

In the test environment the password is always set to ‘12345678’ and is not sent via SMS.


The HTTP request is sent via the POST method to: https://billon.io/request/moneykey/resetPassword


Request: Password reset

ParametrTyp danychOpis
TimestampStringGMT time in YYYYMMDDhhmmss form – na przykład 20171031104530. If timestamp has already been used, API will return error 13.
Sale_Point_IDStringSale point ID
Cashier_LoginStringCashier login
HashStringThe method for calculating this parameter is described on ‘Security’ page


Response: Request status

ParametrTyp danychOpis
StatusString‘OK’ in case of succes or ‘ERROR’ in case of error
Unique_Response_IDStringUnique ID of Billon API response
ERR_CodeStringError code (parameter is empty in case of success)
ERR_DescriptionStringError description (parameter is empty in case of success)
HashStringThe method for generating this parameter is described on the ‘Security’ page
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